1. Bill Clinton

Image via National Review

President Bill Clinton is famously known for trying to deny things, whether it was his time with Monica or his usage of marijuana. However, every politician must strive to keep a clean image. Thankfully, Clinton wasn’t always a high profile politician. He admitted earlier in his career that he heavily experimented with Marijuana when he was completing his Rhodes Scholarship in Oxford.

2. Steve Jobs

Image via The Verge

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was a hippie in his youth. He is known for his heavy marijuana and LSD usage. He actually called his first experience with LSD, “one of the most important things in my life”. He actually credits LSD to helping him expand and grow Apple. The experience really helped him ground his values and realize what he truly wanted to contribute to the world.

3. Hugh Hefner

Image via E! News

Obviously, the creator of Playboy had to dabble with drugs at one point in his life. According to insiders, his parties were “drug-fueled orgies”. Although Hefner admitted to smoking marijuana during his life, a much deeper darker side of him was revealed after his death. Former playmates spoke out about he pressured them to use drugs as serious as Quaaludes.

4. Jimmy Cayne

Image via NY Daily News

Jimmy Cayne was the CEO of Bear Stearns, an 85-year-old investment bank based in New York that went bankrupt during the 2008 financial crisis. Even though his bank failed, he grew it successfully ever since he became CEO in his early adulthood. Cayne was known for living the Wolf of Wall Street lifestyle. He used to smoke pot in the office while playing bridge multiple times a week. He also was known for keeping a whole pill bottle filled with cocaine on him at all times.

5. Sarah Palin

Image via People

Sarah Palin keeps a pretty uptight public personality, which is why her drug usage is pretty surprising. Most people would be shocked if she even has ever drunk a drop of alcohol. However, Ms.Palin admitted her love for marijuana in the most political way ever. When asked if she has ever smoked she responded,”I am not gonna claim a Bill Clinton and say I did not do something”.

6. Ted Turner

Image via CNN

Ted Turner is the CEO of CNN, the most liberal of the major media. It makes sense that he was quite liberal with his drug usage in his youth. Turner was a huge pothead in college, actually growing and dealing weed from his dorm.

7. Kary Mullis

Image via Ted.com

Kary Mullis is a Nobel prize-winning biochemist. He also grew up in the 70s and went to Berkley, basically meaning he had to do LSD. He actually did LSD every week and has publicly stated that LSD had helped him develop the polymerase chain reaction that helps amplify specific DNA sequences. This scientific discovery is the one that earned him a Nobel Prize.

8. Howard Hughes

Image via HHMI

Howard Hughes was a billionaire business magnate and Hollywood producer. However, he did take a lot of opiates throughout his life, to quell his mind and to relax his body. Even though he had an opiate addiction, he was a genius. He designed many modern planes, created countless blockbusters, and created the modern hospital bed.

9. Winston Churchill

Image via Medium

Winston Churchill was basically the face of Britain during WW2. However, he also had some deeper issues. He was an alcoholic and drank whiskey all the time. He also took meth a lot to help him stay up and plan strategy for war. The Allied forces won the war, however, it cost Churchill his long-term health.

10. Stephen King

Image via Mental Floss

Stephen King is one of the most well known and prolific writers in the world. However he would not be where he is without a cocktail of drugs. He admits to using cocaine, Xanax, Valium, beer, tobacco, and marijuana everyday while working. In his later years, he quit all drugs and said in an interview that he does not even remember writing some of his books because he was so trashed.


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