The Untold Business Evolution & College Spotlight Initiative

Since its launch in late June of 2018, Untold Business has quickly evolved from its original mission of simply covering the most interesting stories of mankind as a whole. The Untold platform with its new Spotlight Initiative partners with the top Colleges and Universities across the country. Untold is now covering both student & professor startups and research to highlight their amazing advancements innovative entrepreneurs to groundbreaking research!  

The Untold mission to story-tell for ingenious startups and cutting-edge research originating in schools across the U.S & Canada through the Untold Spotlight Initiative aims to help Universities gain additional exposure for their students and professors through tangible exposure, creating a piece of content for them that serves as one of their first digital footprints to live on their respective college’s tab on the Untold Business platform. Each digital footprint has direct references to the schools the students and professors attend with link-backs in the stories to the programs that helped them grow their business and advance their research.

Ultimately, through these new college focused promotion partnerships, Untold Business provides the optimal win-win-win situation; covering businesses no other web publication has yet to discover, the entrepreneurial and research endeavors worked on across college campuses getting the opportunity to be thrust into the “spotlight” on a national level, and the schools themselves having a functional & aesthetic platform to self-promote the startups and research breakthroughs created by their students and professors, empowering them to proudly showcase the successes of their venture accelerator and research programs. The partnerships bring more exposure to the incredible things going on at our partner colleges and universities.

The Untold Business team is incredibly excited about the work we are doing with our partner schools to help both students and professors highlight their work and advancements.  If you are interested in working with us to provide additional exposure for your school, students, and professors we would love to hear from you! Reach out to Untold here!