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Achieving your fitness goals just got easier with MoveWith

Tired of struggling to find the motivation to get your daily workout in?  Or bogged down by the high cost of personal training and fitness classes?  We all know the countless benefits of working out consistently. From lower stress levels to improved confidence, creativity, and productivity, etc. Our bodies crave the release of endorphins that ultimately makes us experience greater happiness. However, today’s world makes it harder and harder to find the time to take care of ourselves, and when we do have the time it is exhausting to have to think through a workout plan that will energize the mind, body, and soul. Cue MoveWith, the name changing the game in personal fitness.  

MoveWith CEO (and former Apple executive), Holly Shelton, started the company in 2017 in response to her own desire to find great fitness instructors to keep her moving. However, once she started meeting with instructors, she discovered how difficult it is for them to develop a thriving career doing what they love. MoveWith solves both of these problems. By giving instructors a central platform to get the word out about their classes and students a place to find the classes they want, MoveWith is creating a community that motivates people to keep exercising.  Don’t you love when technology helps people to connect over a common goal?

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“We’re already seeing new, original brands like “Body Blitz by Garrett” emerge, and we won’t be surprised when the next breakout fitness craze like ‘Sweat by Kayla’ is born on MoveWith.”

 -MoveWith CEO, Holly Shelton

MoveWith coaches are already adding more than 20% to their annual income through the brand’s attractive revenue share model. By empowering and amplifying the most powerful asset in fitness, the instructor, MoveWith delivers the world of personal fitness to any user, at a fraction of the typical cost, wherever and whenever they want.  Investors also see the promise. As of February 2018, Shelton has received financial backing from seven investors, including Charles River Ventures and Michael Horvath (CEO of fitness social network Strava), totaling $6 million.

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Finally, a boutique fitness solution you can afford and will use…

So, how does it work and what separates MoveWith from other fitness platforms that fail to deliver on promised results?  At its simplest, MoveWith is an exercise app that understands how people exercise; they want simple, easy to use features, allowing them to improve their workouts and mindfulness, without any extra detail or messy complications. MoveWith accomplishes this through a revolutionary Audio Workout model that takes all decision making out of the equation.  On MoveWith, you can stream all classes (many of which are bodyweight only) which are fully led by top boutique group fitness instructors and paired with popular songs that will keep you moving and energized during your mid-week workout.  

The breadth of content available to members is extensive and growing daily so you need not worry about reaching the dreaded ‘plateau’.  MoveWith has already amassed over 600 boutique audio classes created by 30 world class coaches. “We started MoveWith to empower the athlete inside all of us, whether you are a weekend athlete, a high-intensity athlete, or a mindful athlete. We’re here to inspire you to move boldly each day, however, and wherever you want to move,” says Shelton.  This philosophy, combined with a price point of just $12.99/month or $95.88/year, has led to a community of over 200,000 ‘movers’ (members) in less than a year since launching the app. The community continues to grow at over 100% per month and revenue sits at ~$2 million/year. Wow.


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MoveWith is the link between you and your fitness goals

Let’s take a closer look at the app itself.  In addition to all of the workouts available to ‘movers’, your personal page tracks key statistics such as the total workouts completed and the full list of programs you follow.  You can follow the workout plans of friends/fitness idols much like we do every day with Spotify playlists. The app will even send you a personalized class list each week based on your demonstrated interests! Other useful tools such as the volume slider allow you to make your experience truly personal. This simple tool allows you to set the volume of the background music as you OWN your workout. Doing a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) set and need some extra fuel? Crank it up! Looking to recharge your soul with some yoga in a serene outdoor setting? Turn it down low and let the peaceful voice of your instructor guide you through the journey back to yourself.  

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Achieving real results for real people…

Still not convinced?  Take it straight from a MoveWith ‘mover’: “This is the first fitness app that gets me to keep coming back. I can count on MoveWith to give me a killer workout every time in less than 30 minutes. The coaches push me and make me work so much harder. Dripping sweat and all. I love that I can run one day, strength train the next and meditate on my morning commute.” Enough said.  In fact, internal data reveals that 77% of movers are taking classes across different categories, further showing the significance of caring for body and soul en route to achieving your goals.

Whether you are a workout junkie looking for the next challenge, someone who’s tried and failed repeatedly to become a “morning workout person”, or someone looking to change your life; MoveWith provides you the resources you need to help you achieve both your strongest body and mind.  “There is no better way to support good habits than to create a powerful platform to find and connect with the teachers and communities that inspire you to move,” Holly Shelton, founder and CEO of MoveWith explains.  We agree, Holly, we agree.


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All you need to reach your dreams…

This Untold Business story shows the power of technology to connect and motivate people, empowering them to be the best versions of themselves. Take MoveWith CEO Holly Shelton who was formerly responsible for product management of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.  Quite a far cry from the blood pumping, sweat streaming workouts of MoveWith. However, by following her curiosity she was able to uncover a need for both aspiring ‘movers’ and instructors alike and create this truly win-win scenario. If you think this app is for you, visit the app store and give it a shot!  Challenge yourself while having the support of some of the best instructors in the world and the flexibility to achieve your fitness dreams, and happiest life, your way.

June 11, 2018| By TJ Malman- Untold Business Writer

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