AirGarage: The Startup Aiming To Revolutionize The Parking Industry

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We’ve all been there, urban area, busy streets, tons of people, and absolutely no where to park. Whether you’re going to school, work, or shop, it’s nearly impossible to find a spot, or at least one without a ridiculously high price tag. Even just renting a spot is a commitment, with those pesky rental options. One hour, 8 hours, one day, I don’t know! Regardless of your choice, you’re most likely overpaying for something that should never be such a hassle.

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AirGarage, an ASU startup founded in January 2017, aims to relieve the stress of parking, both emotionally and financially. Founded by ASU Alumni, Jonathon Barkl and Scott Fitsimones, AirGarage has created a community marketplace in which people can provide and utilize parking spots that are affordable and convenient, in the most difficult of areas.

How it works

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AirGarage is, in a sense, a constituent of the growing movement towards community marketplaces. It functions similar to companies such as Airbnb and Turo, where people can list, find, and book parking online or on mobile. They offer a personalized listing system, where people can list their spots for whatever price and time they want, to ensure that their spot is available if they should personally need it. They can also list it with different rates for different time periods.

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Some spots can be rented hourly, while others may require monthly rental with a monthly fee. When renting a spot, you can go online or on the app to find spots near you or your destination. For added security for those listing, AirGarage handles payment processing, lot enforcement, advertisement, and customer support on each spot.


Initially, AirGarage was worried about the success of the business. They thought that ASU wouldn’t support it because of the revenue that the university receives from students and parking structures. Surprisingly, ASU welcomed the startup and supported their cause despite the risk of losing business.

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AirGarage then partnered with Venture Devils, a developmental league for ASU startups that assesses and provides appropriate aids to startups. The support from both ASU and Venture Devils led to their eventual growth and success. Currently, AirGarage has spread across the country and is continuing to gain popularity. They have partnered with companies such as Hillel International, Graduate Hotels, and First United Methodist Church, and are still searching for more.

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This Untold story shows a business developed from personal experience. Barkl and Fitsimones noticed a problem in their daily lives, knew there was a solution, and implemented that solution themselves. They developed the only community marketplace for parking on the market, and ensured that every component of the system benefitted both sides. Barkl and Fitsimones knew parking was an unnecessary struggle, and created AirGarage to give you the ability to avoid the stress and financial commitment tied to it.


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