Babson College is a private business school in Wellesley, Massachusetts, established in 1919. Its central focus is on entrepreneurship education, and it is ranked the most prestigious entrepreneurship college in the United States. Babson is the renowned educator for Entrepreneurship of All Kinds® with a hands on learning philosophy: Take part in a living, learning laboratory to prepare yourself for the future of business.


The Babson Venture Accelerator Program offers support in a focused environment. Workspaces to collaborate and experiment. Dedicated faculty advisers. As you work your way through the phases of the Butler Launch Pad, you don’t just get access to tailored resources—you receive the guidance you need to get from Point A to Point B faster. Regardless of what stage you’re in—ideation or ready to launch—the venture accelerator will work with you to advance your business!

Babson E-Tower

Unique to Babson College is its entrepreneurship focused housing. eTower is the leading student-run entrepreneurship living community at the college. They strive to bring together entrepreneurs of all kinds to foster the passion of entrepreneurship and to inspire, motivate, mentor, and support not only our fellow members but the entire Babson community.



Detrapel is a business started by current Babson student, David Zamarin, that has recently made its debut on Shark Tank, securing funding from not one but two sharks. DetraPel products use nanotechnology to offer a superhydrophobic spray that is non-toxic and eco-friendly so it won’t hurt you or the environment.

The Hidden


The Hidden is a clothing brand with a message started by current Babson student, Wes Woodson, that empowers people to not hide a part of who they are to fit in. Like most mantras they are an intangible idea or message, but what better way to make a mantra tangible than being able to wear it. That is what lead Wes to design his own clothing line and produce his first batch of inventory that sold out IMMEDIATELY!

Think Board


Think Board is startup launched in the dorm rooms of Babson College of now alumni Hanson Grant. Think Board creates dry erase films that can turn any surface into a whiteboard! Just peel and stick, and turn an office, classroom or home into a dry erase workspace to let creativity flow.

Mugged Cake


Mugged Cake is another dorm room startup coming out of Babson College launched just last year by current student Daniel Brassloff. Mugged Cake products are cupcake desserts that do not sacrifice quality of ingredients to create something that is easy to make. You can pop one in the microwave to enjoy at the push of a button and O YAH they fit into groups that are ALLERGEN FRIENDLY with packaging that is completely BIODEGRADABLE.