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Black Pearl: The Company That Can Turn Your Emails Into Mini Billboards

Email, the long-standing king of corporate office communication, is EVOLVING.

Statistically business to business email is still growing every year, even with the adoption and growth of different social media messaging platforms like Facebook. People thought these social platforms would kill email, but all it did was rid inboxes of the classic social messages like “What are you doing this weekend?”, clearing up email addresses to allow them to become a dedicated business communication channel


The same uncluttering effect can be seen with the unveiling of instant communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Lync, Campfire, etc etc…that have removed a significant portion of inter-company “chit chat” like “pass the stapler.


Still, each year business to business email is increasing, overloading inboxes, and leading people to question why we still use email at work.


Should you just accept the fact the business email you send is one of hundreds your recipient is receiving each day, and may not get responded to or even read?

Black Pearl Mail would say “no way”!

Founded in 2012 by the former Silver Cloud Mail CEO, Nick Lissette, Black Pearl Mail is injecting new life into email by extending its usefulness far beyond messaging and attachment sharing.

With dynamic, centrally managed templates and embedded data tracking, Black Pearl Mail turns a simple email into an all-in-one branding opportunity, sales tool, and mode of communication.



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There are two key elements to Black Pearl Mail’s product.

First, the company promises consistently branded signatures and templates, regardless of the device being used to send emails. Once a template is deployed from the central management console, all devices – desktops, tablets, smartphones – will display the same sleek, professional branding.


Companies are also able to design and roll-out templates specific to certain job types.


For example, your sales team’s email overlays may include a promotional coupon to entice new potential customers to purchase a product, while your desktop support team may have a service-line number displayed for convenience.


Building on this capability, Black Pearl Mail’s email signatures and templates can also track opens and click-throughs. This creates a whole world of possibility for marketing analyses as well as feeds sales teams with high-quality data about potential leads.


CEO Nick Lissette sees this as an opportunity to make thousands more brand impressions on potential customers and collect rich data points without having to install or buy a new platform.


With over 1 trillion corporate emails being sent every year…[Email] is a communication channel that you already own that is not getting leveraged.”


To put the opportunity into perspective for a smaller company, 300 employees sending out an average number of emails a day could mean 3 million additional brand interactions per year.


Black Pearl Mail is the first company on Earth to dynamically overlay a full ad response network that you control.”

And getting started is easy.

The company offers a 45-day satisfaction money back guarantee so you can leverage their services and see the immediate positive results firsthand.


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“Single biggest digital marketing opportunity currently being missed out by corporate America.”

Nick Lissette got the idea for Black Pearl Mail when he received an incredibly effective promotional email from a company that forced him to question why all emails couldn’t look like the one he had received.


Six years later, Lissette’s team has created what they refer to as the “world’s best email signature.”

The company’s CIO, Tony McDonald, believes:

Black Pearl is positioned to make e-mails the digital marketing platform of choice for corporate businesses.

The company hosts the majority of its servers on Microsoft Azure’s robust & secure hosting platform to give customers peace of mind that the very best is being used by Black Pearl.

Currently, Black Pearl Mail operations are driven out of Phoenix, AZ, as U.S. corporations are the company’s target customer.


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Differentiated From The Pack

Even as digital marketing continues to explode and office-based communication platforms increase in popularity, Black Pearl Mail believes there is still much more we can do to optimize the value of an email in the corporate workplace.


Through the use of email templates that remain consistent across all devices and signatures that can track emails opens, the company has created a way for firms to gain CRM capabilities without having to go out and invest in a new platform.


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The World’s Best Email Signatures & So Much More

This Untold Business story shows how much value you can create just by building on top of an existing platform to bring life back to an outdated platform. If you can find a way to enhance a process or system that somebody is already familiar with, your pitch becomes much easier and digestible.

Now as for your own firm’s email…don’t let any more go unnoticed in the black hole of endless email messages, leverage Black Pearl’s 45-day satisfaction money back guarantee and start getting noticed today!

August 16, 2018| By Chris Fruci- Untold Business Writer

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