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With over 1 trillion corporate emails being sent every year…Email is a communication channel that you already own that is NOT getting leveraged.

Take second to think of a reply to a business email you have sent that has made your day. Now think of one which has made your week….now one which has changed your career…..Your life!  

The average business email address receives over 30,000 personal business emails per year. That figure is far greater if you include campaign, transactional and lead gen email. The sheer volume of email cluttering inboxed has made it harder to get your email read AND responded to.

Now take a minute to think of all the potential week making, life-changing emails you have NOT received a response to. Now ask this question to yourself…How much better would your life be if 12% of those missed opportunities had replied?

According to Microsoft, if your business had Black Pearl then you would have received up to 12% more replies. And they should know as the pioneers and world leaders in business email clients and platforms.


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“Get a 12% increase in replies to your daily business emails”

-Microsoft Azure

Email response rate is a number that is dwindling drastically. Lower and lower the rate falls as the sheer mass of daily emails sent out by companies is growing and overwhelming inboxes across the world. It has become both a major concern and problem for businesses looking to stand out and actually have the emails they’ve worked hard on…OPENED! It has quickly become email’s #1 problem with no solution. That is… until  Nick Lissette, Founder and CEO of Black Pearl observed this growing issue and leveraged his background to create the very solution many had sought. Introducing Black Pearl Mail Network, a service with one goal:  transforming your company’s email into your largest digital channel with automated email branding, signatures, promotions, awards, videos & more!


(Source: Black Pearl Mail)

“Black Pearl Mail is the first company on Earth to dynamically overlay a full ad response network that you control.”

To put the opportunity into perspective for a smaller company, 300 employees sending out an average number of emails a day could mean 3 million additional brand interactions per year. Now, put that into the context of a larger company…the interaction levels will just keep rising.

If you are at all familiar with email response rates, this is no small feat! Statistics in this past year alone show that even though 99% of consumers check their personal email every single day the average open rate for campaign emails like ones run by MailChimp is only 17.85% with a click-through rate that plummets down to a little over 4%. The statistics for daily business email open rates are even lower with the number continuing to drop as a result of the inbound volume continuously increasing. Click-Thru rates on these daily business emails are a new thing though, something new that Black Pearl is essentially pioneering.  

This is why Black Pearl Mail believes there is still much more they can do to help optimize the value of an email in the corporate workplace as digital marketing continues to explode and office-based communication platforms increase in popularity. Through the use of email templates that remain consistent across all devices and signatures with effective overlay systems that can track when emails are opened, the company has created a way for firms to gain CRM capabilities without having to go out and invest in a new platform.

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“The single biggest digital marketing opportunity currently being missed out by corporate America.”

Continuously seeking to build upon their own capabilities, Black Pearl Mail’s email signatures & templates can now also track opens and click-throughs. This creates a whole world of possibility for marketing analysis as well as feeds sales teams across industries with high-quality data about potential leads they can leverage and convert into sales. This just highlights another way that Black Pearl Mail is injecting new life into email by extending its usefulness far beyond messaging and attachment sharing.

Don’t let any more of your company’s messages go unnoticed in the black hole of endless emails, leverage Black Pearl’s 45-day satisfaction money back guarantee today and see the increase in response rates with your own eyes!!

August 17, 2018| By Chaz Hermanowski

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