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Your Hunt For The Perfect Backpack is OVER


Many of us own several types of carrying bags that each serve a different purpose in our lives.


We have a backpack for school or work that holds notepads and laptops. Then, we have a gym bag to hold clothes, towels, and toiletries. And those of us who are photographers have another bag specifically for carrying around expensive camera gear.


But wouldn’t it be nice to have one bag that could be used across each of these scenarios?


Thanks to Brevitē, a company out of Boston, MA, we now have a multifunctional backpack that is both practical and beautiful. Launched in 2015 by a trio of brothers, the company has built up an online store of products that not only serve photographers well, but also make everyday life easier for the rest of us.


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Brevitē (n.): Concise And Exact


Originally designed for the traveling photographer, Brevitē’s flagship backpack was dreamed up by Brandon Kim who was still a student at Brown University at the time. He was searching for something that would allow him to conveniently carry both his school materials and his camera. When he couldn’t find what he held in his mind’s eye, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Leveraging the start-up resources on his campus Kim joined Brown’s Venture Accelerator Program called B-Lab. Brown University’s Breakthrough Lab (B-Lab) is an intensive 8-week accelerator program designed to support student entrepreneurs developing high-impact ventures where each participating team receives access to custom mentoring, a peer cohort of dedicated founders, and co-working space. With the help of

B-LabBrevitē was born!

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Brandon approached his brothers, Dylan and Elliot, with the idea of designing a backpack that was not only multifunctional but was also sleek in appearance. In 2015, the Kim brothers put their idea on Kickstarter and set a fundraising goal of $30k. By the end of the campaign, over 230 backers had pledged $38k to help Brevitē get its first backpack, “The Original,” into production.


“The Original” only weighs 3lbs and has a 23L carrying capacity. Most importantly, the backpack comes with a modular insert that is designed to securely hold items separately from the rest of the bag’s contents. This insert can be removed and carefully packed which is comforting for hobbyists like photographers who have thousands of dollars worth of gear they need to protect.


The backpack also has a built-in rain cover and tripod holders, two other features included specifically with traveling photographers in mind.


“The Original” costs $145 but is currently out of stock on the company’s website.


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If It Worked Once, Do It Again

The Brevitē team went back to Kickstarter in 2017, this time seeking funding for three new backpacks – The Roamer, The Scout, and The Runner – all part of a collection named the Hadley Series. Again, the team was successful on the crowdfunding platform and raised over $30k from 155 backers.


In keeping with the original vision to design something for traveling photographers, the new models still possess the signature modular insert but this time with a twist. Wearers can now remove the insert and wear it as a standalone backpack for lighter traveling.


The three backpacks of the Hadley Series vary in size and can be purchased for between $165-$209 on the company’s website.


Now based in Providence, RI, Brevitē boasts revenues in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and has a dedicated social media following that has been carefully cultivated by the founders.


What’s been phenomenal is that our user-generated content has been very high and it keeps our reputation very high and keeps our brand very aspirational,” says Dylan.


“We spend a lot of time either taking photos or inspiring others to take photos.”


Looking to the future, the Kim brothers would like to expand their product line to include backpacks specifically built to support everyday commuting and extended traveling.


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NEVER Forget Your Most Loyal Followers

This Untold story reminds us how important it is to cultivate a strong and loyal following as this group will be instrumental in getting your business successfully through the early stages.

In the beginning, the Kim brothers won over a very specific niche by designing the perfect backpack for traveling photographers. With the Hadley Series, the team improved on their flagship model without changing the core feature that attracted customers in the first place. Now an established business, Brevitē has earned the right to expand the scope of its products and serve a wider audience.

Establish yourself first with a customer base that will support you fiercely and fight to help you survive until your business can sustain itself. This will grant you a longer leash and more flexibility to expand and grow later on. 

If you need a new bag fit for ANY occasion, check out brevite.co to see if any catch your eye!

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