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This Company Brews The Ultimate Tea


We all go through phases of life where we can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to finish everything that needs to get done. Anyone working a new job or raising children knows this truth especially well – they sacrifice sleep and rely on heavy caffeine intake in order to stay afloat, but the common options aren’t cure-alls. Too much coffee means a jittery afternoon and an unfocused mind. Too much of an energy drink and your stomach isn’t happy.


CogniTea, a Boston-based startup founded in 2013, believes it has developed the perfect tea-based alternative. Founded by Northeastern alumnus, Alex Kravets (‘10), CogniTea has developed a unique formula that gives its drinkers boosted energy without the negative side effects common with other options. Now, overachievers don’t have to trade anything for healthy energy when they need a few extra hours of productivity each day.


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11 Different Organic Ingredients!


CogniTea boasts a unique formula that is built on a very specific ratio of L-Theanine to caffeine. L-Theanine is an amino acid found in green tea that when combined with caffeine, promotes Alpha brain waves. These brain waves have been shown to improve certain characteristics such as mental clarity, focus, creative thinking, and relaxation. In addition to this golden ratio, CogniTea’s recipe includes 10 other organic ingredients that combine to produce a minty herbal concoction that works as both a hot and cold drink.


The tea packets do not include any artificial sweeteners or additives, but still provide a subtle energy boost without an inevitable crash or withdrawal. On the company’s website, you can buy a 20-pack of tea for $25, water bottles, and matcha powder packets which are currently sold out (well done, CogniTea).


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“…I Set Out To Create Something Better, A Go-To Drink That Helps You Become As Productive As Possible.”

– Alex Kravets, CEO





CogniTea was founded by Alex Kravets, a Northeastern College grad that leverage his campus IDEA Lab’s which is a student-led venture accelerator that fosters the development of entrepreneurs in the Northeastern community through the educational exeperience of developing a business from concept to launch to make his own idea a reality. He was traveling coast-to-coast as a consultant and needed some extra energy to get him through the long work weeks. Kravets tired of coffee and energy drinks, realizing that he didn’t like having to give up medium-term productivity for a short-term boost. After turning to neuroscience to better understand what was happening when he consumed his primary energy boosters, he realized there was an opportunity to create a drink formula that didn’t lead to energy crashes and unproductive periods throughout the day.


Kravets put his idea on Indiegogo in 2014 and raised $12k with only a $5k goal. The next year, he raised $600k in a seed round that helped put his product idea into development. Kravets worked with a team for three months to develop a proprietary manufacturing process that produces what is now CogniTea. Today, the company is able to mass produce its high-quality, natural tea at scale and reportedly generates $9.6M in revenue a year. Over the last two years, Kravets has been finishing up a Master’s in Security Studies at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Science. He’s a busy guy.


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Fill In The Missing Piece

This Untold story is a great example of an entrepreneur who surveyed the existing options on the market and found a gap that was worth filling. Through his research, Kravets developed expertise that led him to the creation of a tea formula that helps busy individuals, like himself, get the most out of their days. Over the next few weeks, try and be aware of every time you find yourself wishing you had something that doesn’t exist. These are all potential business ideas! And if you resonate with Kravets’ experience and are searching for a coffee or energy drink alternative, CogniTea could be your answer! Visit their website and order a 20-pack today!

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