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The CU Boulder startup that is providing EVERYTHING Colorado’s Startup Community Needs – In ONE Place

Starting a company can be very isolating. Entrepreneurs experience the highest highs and the lowest lows – every success feels like a Bingo win and every failure feels like a punch to the gut. Without a supportive community of like-minded individuals, it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. Colorado founders, however, don’t have to worry about this.

Created by CU Boulder students, Colorado Startups provides a consolidated view of startup-related activity throughout the state, as well as a library of valuable resources for entrepreneurs. The organization facilitates engagement through various platforms and creates opportunities for startup founders to learn, connect, and grow with other leaders.

(Source: University of Colorado Boulder)

The Vision: #1 State For Startups

The goal of Colorado Startups is to facilitate a tight-knit entrepreneurial community. The organization is doing this through an online platform that features a robust library of resources, including information related to Colorado-based accelerators, angel groups, conferences, venture capital, and startup events. Entrepreneurs are also able to engage with others through Slack, Facebook, and LinkedIn groups.

Additionally, Colorado Startups provides opportunities for those in the startup community to meet through carefully organized, monthly private dinners. Entrepreneurs or investors who are interested in expanding their social circles can sign-up for a dinner in one of six different cities, including Denver, Boulder, and Fort Collins. Colorado Startups will choose participants based on shared interests. In order to be considered, individuals can sign up for a dinner here.                          

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A Startup Network Built By Entrepreneurs

Colorado Startups is currently managed by Brennie Pellegrini, Jake Hurwitz, and Marco Vienna. Pellegrini and Hurwitz met through a Boulder Bits Hackathon and gradually became more involved in the state’s startup community. Pellegrini eventually met, Paul Foley, who asked him to join Colorado Startups as a co-founder.

“It’s a mission I was excited to take on because I’m passionate about startups and community building,” says Pellegrini. “There are so many amazing entrepreneurs in Colorado and our goal is to empower them through collaboration and communication.”

Today, Pellegrini works with Hurwitz and Vienna to organize Colorado Startups’ events and continually build out the organization’s network. All are involved in other ventures but continue to support Colorado’s startup scene through the dissemination of valuable resources and the facilitation of relevant events.

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The Power of Community

This Untold Spotlight story teaches us to surround ourselves with a supportive and high-achieving community. As entrepreneurs, we need to engage with others who are willing to share insight, offer advice, and push us to achieve more than we ever thought possible. We also need people in our lives who can empathize with the experience of starting a business and remind us that we are not alone.

As a startup founder or leader, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Seek out a community and pour back into your network. By building a strong network of entrepreneurs, you help create the potential for greater impact in your local community and beyond. If you work in a Colorado-based startup, check out the Colorado Startups’ website here and sign up for a private dinner! Start expanding your network today!

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