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A way to stay calm, cool, & collected with the PUSH of a button!


Is it too cold in your office or classroom? Are you too hot before an interview or on your daily commute home? The personal temperature battle occurs every single day in which everyone has their own comfort level “temp” preference. It is a problem that is SO common that it started to go unnoticed, so common that many did not think to address it, so common there wasn’t a solution…until now!


It took a team of three of MIT scientists ,Sam Shames, Matthew Smith & David Cohen-Tanugi, who were tired of always being bundled up in sweaters in their lab to tackle the problem and find the solution to people uttering the phrases “I’m too cold” or “I’m too hot” in situations where you have no control of the temperature.


How did they solve this temperature problem you ask?

By giving you CONTROL!

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Introducing the newest wrist gadget that does something much more important than sending texts or telling time: It makes you FEEL COMFORTABLE. Say Hello to The Embr Wave, a wristband equipped with a thermoelectric tile that changes temperature when exposed to an electrical current. Simply put, the Embr Wave helps you feel colder or warmer so you can be more comfortable in whatever situation you find yourself, wherever you might be!



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“There’s a lot more to the sensation of temperature, or the subjective experience of temperature than people realize”


Close your eyes and imagine the chilling relief of running cold water on your wrist or the cozy warmth of holding your hands up to a fire: well now you don’t have to imagine it, you can literally feel both ends of the temperature spectrum with the press of the button for an instant shot of THERMAL RELIEF.


How can this be you ask? Well, by directly warming or cooling the area of on your wrist that is classified as “temperature sensitive skin”, the Embr Wave recreates the instant relief temp feelings to give you control of the temperature you want to feel.  


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“It’s a continuous spectrum, you can incrementally adjust the sensation toward warm or cold until you find the sweet spot.”

-Embr Labs co-founder David Cohen-Tanugi

The simple fact is that just like flavors, we all experience temperature differently. Some people run hot while others run cold, but now no matter which way your temperature runs, the Embr Wave has you covered to help you find your temperature “sweet spot”.


Other cooling & heating products have come before, but have fallen short of solving the problem…there is only so much socks can do while the thermal sensations the Embr Wave creates are both immediate and precise. The team at MIT realized that the human body is programmed to respond immediately in this way because thermal sensations trigger the areas of the brain that control pleasure and thermoregulation.

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“It’s less like a thermostat and more like a shower”

-Embr Labs co-founder Sam Shames.

How does this nifty device work? Simply. With a rechargeable battery that lasts at least 25 sessions on a single charge, it can be worn comfortably on either the inside or outside of your wrist. To begin a cooling session, click the left side of the device’s light bar and to begin a heating session, click the ride side. Easier than one-two-three!

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The Embr Wave is a “personal thermostat”

Embr Labs states that after only three minutes of using the device, you can feel up to five degrees warmer or cooler, bold statement but a true one from looks of it. Early adopters who have tried out the Embr Wave for just a few days found that it helped them feel more comfortable when overheated or when shivering in a frigid office. The belief in the product came well before their product even came to market with Embr Labs raising more than 6 times their Kickstarter campaign goal of $100,000 to reach a whopping total of $630,000, attracting additional outside investment from investors like Bose and Intel. With the significant capital backing, the Embr Wave was able to be brought to market this past March at a price point close to that of an Apple Watch: $300. If you think that is too expensive for the average consumer, think again! Embra Labs has sold over 4,500 units in only 6 months time. It helps that their market is essentially EVERYONE, especially woman suffering from hot flashes associated with menopause who are finding instant relief in this device that wasn’t specifically designed for them but has given them a feeling of control they previously lacked.


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“This ‘Wave’ effect is more effective in changing your temperature than a continuous temperature”.

The Untold story shows how in most cases a core problem has to be experienced in order to be both understood and quickly accepted by the market. Early adopters of this wrist gadget immediately understood the value proposition and were quick to take advantage of the benefits the device’s features offered. If you’re among the thermally underserved, you might want one of your very own. If it is too expensive for you to make an impulse purchase…the season of gift giving is right around the corner. Check out Embr Labs site and the Embr Wave on your wishlist!  

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