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Farm-Fresh Living Without the Commitment: Rent A Chicken!

Who are you calling a chicken!? O, you said, “made a call for chickens.” That’s right, in this day and age there is a company you can call to have egg laying chickens delivered to your doorstep or more accurately…your backyard! Finally, a taste of the authentic yard-to-table living with farm fresh eggs being within reach: literally. Say hello to Rent- The-Chicken, a business that joined the $3.5 billion sharing economy model by offering a clever alternative to buying eggs at the supermarket…letting you take care of the clucking egg factories yourself! Started in 2009 by Leslie and Mark Suitor, this backyard chicken rental business’s mission is to enable normal people to have a taste of the farm life AND have it be easy. This bizarre company obviously struck a chord with over 50 licenses being granted to partners across the country, spreading their brand nationwide. Even with its growing popularity, many people still don’t know what to make of this rental business or the experience that comes with it…let’s take a closer look.

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Raising chickens might be something people have entertained but never pursued. Rent The Chicken makes it easy.

Want chickens for two weeks or two months, no problem! Rent-The-Chicken offers rental terms up to 6 months in length. Customers have other options to choose from too from the breed of chicken to how many they want to “host”. For those new to the farm-life, you can have the company hand-deliver two egg-laying hens, with a Tompkins-designed chicken coop that protects the hens, both food and water dishes, and 100 pounds of chicken feed (for a four-month rental period) for just $400. For those looking to maximize their egg capacity though, Rent-The-Chicken offers a deluxe rental option for $600 that comes with a total of four chickens and larger coop to house them comfortably. Regardless of which option customers choose, the company wants to make sure renters get off on the right foot with their chickens, so they also provide a copy of Lisa Steele’s book Fresh Eggs Daily, Raising Happy, Healthy Chickens…Naturally. The “instruction manual” comes with useful information and tells you what to expect like the fact that two hens produce 8 to 12 eggs a week while four can produce up to two dozen. There is no need to even worry about when the chickens will start to lay eggs since the company only will deliver hens in their egg-laying prime so customers get the payback right away, but it’s not just the eggs that a majority of customers love about their new backyard pets.

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“Many get into it for the fresh eggs, but they stay for the fulfilling relationship.”

-Rent-The-Chicken Affiliate Farm

Besides the obvious egg benefits that put food on the table and help educate both children and adults alike that food doesn’t originate from stores, the rental chickens provide companionship and offer a humorous backyard charm that renters say fosters a calming atmosphere. Many of these renters become attached to their new chicken friends, but have no fear of separation anxiety because Rent-The-Chicken always offers the option to permanently adopt the rental birds for $20 each as well as the option to purchase the supplies that came with them. For the few who do decide to “chicken out” of the rental, the company will come to pick them up immediately, no questions asked.

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“People want to know where their food sources are coming from”

Rent-The-Chicken Co-founder

The popularity of their business concept and the overwhelming amount of positive feedback is encouraging Rent-The-Chicken to continue to expand their operations as well as their product offering. An affiliate farm rented out seven coops in its first month of business and is now renting out 55 coops in the same month three years later. With the demand growing steadily, Rent-The-Chicken is continuing to grant licenses to affiliate farms that pay a small percentage of their rental fee to cover the start-up license costs as well as national social media marketing and assistance with customer support. They are even allowing licensees to offer hatchling packages, giving customers the ability to see baby chicks hatch right before their eyes! In the future, Rent-The-Chicken has plans to roll out exotic chicken rental packages, the breeds yet to be disclosed. The company keeps on growing in terms of size and overall brand visibility by supporting a Discover Program called Coops for Troops, providing birds to returning military. Looks like a fulfilling relationship is inevitable when bringing these egg makers home.

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Revealing poultry’s personality.

This Untold Business story goes to show that there are plenty of bizarre markets to expand into, even renting out chickens! Rent-The-Chicken has done so well expanding into its chicken niche, they are already considering different heritage breeds to test in a few markets. Who knows, maybe you will be able to rent a duck soon enough. Regardless of what’s to come next, this summer you can eat farm-fresh eggs every day without ever having to leave your city. If you’d like a taste of yard-to-table living without the commitment, Rent-The-Chicken has got you covered. If you think this trending organic lifestyle is for you check out RentTheChicken.com. Enjoy egg lovers!

June 5, 2018| By Chaz Hermanowski – Untold Business Writer

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