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An epic ASU grad startup:  Wristwatches you can take  ANYWHERE

Contrary to popular belief, wristwatch sales have gradually risen over the last ten years, even as smart watches have flooded the market. Millennials have re-discovered the classiness of mechanical watches and now have a plethora of affordable options available to them. However, finding a single wristwatch that is suitable for both the professional workplace and outdoor adventuring is a challenge. Thanks to an ASU grad, we now have a solution.

Launched in May 2017, Scottsdale-based Fellman Watch Co. designs affordable, resilient wristwatches that can be worn in the office and the outdoors. The company’s founder an ASU grad, Tyler Fellman, handcrafts every watch and has found the perfect balance between design and functionality for the fashionable outdoorsman.                            

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“Our Vision: To Create The New Standard For Affordable, Modern-Day Field Watches…”

-Fellman Watch Co. Website

Drawing on his mechanical engineering background, Tyler Fellman builds all of his wristwatches in Scottsdale, AZ, by hand, using parts sourced from within the US. His watches are designed to be worn anywhere and consist of high-quality components that are tested under a number of different circumstances. Fellman Watch Co. watches come with scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal, Swiss Quartz movement, and stainless steel cases. All watches undergo a water pressure test, a vibration test, and several visual inspections at 4-10x magnification.

The company’s catalog consists of 10 different regular watch designs and 2 different band materials, nylon and leather. Standard watches are available for $125 and come with a 5-year warranty. Fellman also designs and sells limited-edition, 3D-printed watches for $300. All products are sold directly to the consumer, allowing the company to price its watches affordably compared to larger retailers.                                               

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“What I Needed Was A Tool, Not A Fashion Accessory”

-Tyler Fellman, CEO

Tyler Fellman decided to build his own wristwatch in December 2013 when he couldn’t anything available else that suited his lifestyle. “I could not find a watch that was affordable and stylish enough for the weekend nights, but rugged enough for the backcountry,” says Fellman. After several years of honing his craft, Fellman began selling watches to interested customers as his designs drew attention for their polished look and resilient design. In Spring 2017, Fellman launched a Kickstarter campaign featuring six different watch designs that was fully funded with 48 hours! In total, he raised $17k from 117 backers, enough to launch a full-scale operation.  

Today, Fellman is working towards an MBA at Arizona State and is focusing on bolstering Fellman Watch Co.’s digital advertising and online presence. In the future, the entrepreneur aspires to distribute other types of outdoor gear and build a team of like-minded individuals who share a passion for the outdoors.                                                                      

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The Value Of Building Expertise

This Untold College Spotlight story reveals the value of building expertise within a well-defined, focused niche. Fellman invested years of time and money to become a master wristwatch craftsman and has earned the respect of consumers. People recognize Fellman’s skill and the uniqueness of his concept, a powerful combination for launching a business. The success of his company’s Kickstarter proves how much enthusiasm there was for what his company was offering!

If you have taken the time to become a true expert in some subject matter or industry think about how you can market your skill and knowledge base to the world. Your years of practice and devotion to your craft leave you light years ahead of any potential competition and will garner you the attention you deserve! For those of you who need a watch that can handle outdoor adventuring and the professional workplace, check out Fellman Watch Co.’s catalog here!

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