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FINALLY, affordable travel accommodations without sacrificing comfort!

Whether traveling with family, friends, or solo, finding comfortable accommodations at a low cost can be quite challenging. Look no further! Say hello to Freehand, a new age travel accommodation concept offering a hybrid hostel/hotel environment. Now, I know what you’re thinking, that hostels are for dirty backpackers in Europe. I am here to tell you that Freehand has a whole new approach, that is drastically changing the term hostel. The idea started back in 2012 by Andrew Zobler to create an upscale accommodation has a mixed ambiance between a hotel and hostel. Freehand’s mission is to create a new and fun environment for your stay!

Unlike typical hotels, you have the option to share a room, if desired. The option for a private room is also available, and prevalent. For example, the Freehand in Chicago offers 135 single rooms and 80 multi-bedrooms, making it receptive to whatever your needs may be. Families and/or groups of friends have the option to book a multi-bedroom as well. For those looking to book a stellar room, Freehand accommodates them as well. Freehand Chicago offers duplex penthouse ‘suites’ (TWO bedrooms and a living area).

Rather than the limited option most hotels offer; 2 double or one king bed, the choice for a diversity of room styles and set up is high at Freehand. These assorted accommodations are appealing to millennial travelers, giving Freehand the positive attention it deserves.

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“The Freehand accommodates the free-spirited traveler without compromising modernization expectations -says USA Today

The innovative design and social culture is just another perk to staying at Freehand. Don’t be fooled by the luxurious rooms and award-winning food and beverage, Freehand still has the hostel vibe when it comes to feeling welcome & sense of community. From rooftop pools to top-rated bars, you can be assured that there is something that will appeal to all.

Shockingly, 20% of bookings are made by people ages 31 to 40. Although maybe not by choice since a majority of last-minute bookings are becoming more prevalent among business travelers. Many have claimed to be pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the hospitable environment that would be absent on their average corporate trip. The common spaces often act as co-working settings that add value and experience to anyone’s stay. The community offers the ability to make friends on one’s travels which why a lot of travelers gravitate towards hostels in the first place, besides from them being a much cheaper accommodation option.

Unlike Airbnb, Freehand values a community-oriented atmosphere. Thus, they have organized events such as concerts, yoga classes, happy hours, art exhibits, and shared common area gatherings to ensure social interactions between guests.

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All the Freehand locations feature high-quality amenities like their unique bars. For example, no matter what the occasion, Broken Shaker Bar will leave both your taste buds and heart happy. With expert mixologists and vibrant atmosphere, specific to each location, this bar will be a unique experience to remember. The Broken Shaker Bar is currently in the Miami (South Beach) and Chicago (River North) Freeland locations and is anticipated to open in their New York, and downtown Los Angeles locations as well.

Broken Shaker Bar first location, Miami, has an outdoor tropical setting with vibrant plants and ambiance. Distinctively from South Beach, Broken Shaker is welcoming and unpretentious yet the ultimate Miami Beach getaway! Broken Shaker bar is well-known for its exotic ingredients, fresh herbs, and juices that create the perfect blend of ingredients. Miami’s Broken Shaker has even been listed in the Tales of Cocktail as Best American Hotel Bar and among Esquire’s 24 best U.S bars. Who doesn’t love a good poolside cocktail? Despite which location, the innovative cocktail menu and diverse street food options are continuing to attract a crowd and attention!

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“The high-end hostel offers the same
affordable price with a more innovative and comfortable design”

If you are still not sold, the price will guarantee that your stay here will be worth every penny. Whether you choose the king suite, bungalow, king, or quad room Freehand is confident that you will be happy, not only with the accommodations and amenities but also the lower prices it prides itself on.

The shared rooms start under $50 per person, while the private rooms are listed anywhere from 25-60% cheaper than surrounding resorts (depending on the season). Freehand offers standard hotel amenities such as; Wi-Fi, housekeeping, breakfast, small television, AND a working desk.

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“Doors that welcome you in” @Freehandhotels

This Untold Business story goes to show that as world travel becomes more prevalent, cheaper accommodation options that don’t sacrifice comfort are more in demand than ever before. As a traveler, one thing I have learned is that you cannot put a price on experience. Freehand has done a great job of bringing together endless opportunities to create a memorable experience for your stay, without breaking the bank. As you get ready for your next trip, check out if there are any Freehand locations along the way.

Happy Traveling Untold Business Followers!

August 13, 2018| By Angela Fina

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