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Headspace: A Meditation App Science LOVES

Humans are busier now than ever before, constantly distracted by stimuli and stressed by all-time high levels of digital connectivity and social pressures. We’re addicted to our smartphones and many of us don’t know how to step back and breathe as the line between personal life and work life has been blurred beyond recognition. To help keep cortisol and anxiety levels down, many are turning to ancient practices, like meditation, to slow down, both physically and mentally.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, HeadSpace is a scientifically backed platform that delivers guided meditations through an app that users can take on the go. Launched by a Buddhist monk and marketing executive in 2010, HeadSpace is designed to support people of all walks of life, regardless of their prior exposure or familiarity with the art of meditation.                                                                   

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Meditation Made Simple

HeadSpace offers a deep library of guided meditations that can be absorbed through a website or smartphone app. The platform offers different meditation tracks that are designed to address specific health-related topics, including anxiety, stress, sleep, and focus. HeadSpace also has exercises that target certain user types such as those in relationships or those who love playing sports. For anyone in need of an immediate de-escalation, the platform also offers short SOS meditations that help calm people down in a given moment. There is no cost to get started with HeadSpace, but users who want more material can purchase access to many additional exercises for $8 per mo or $400 for a lifetime membership.

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Get out of any rut of life you find yourself!

HeadSpace differentiates itself from the more than 2,000 other meditation apps on the market today by seeking significant scientific validation. The platform is currently a subject in more than 65 research studies being conducted by some of the nation’s most prestigious universities. Already, the app has 16 peer-reviewed, published studies that highlight the clinical benefits of HeadSpace’s guided meditations on health outcomes. The company even has an internal science department led by Dr. Megan Jones Bell who has nearly 15 years of running NIH-funded clinical trials. As a result, HeadSpace is winning over all kinds of users, not just those drawn to certain types of spiritualities or religions.                                                                       

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One Day, A Monk And Marketing Exec Walk Into A Bar…

HeadSpace was founded in 2010 by Andy Puddicombe and Rich Pierson who came from vastly different worlds. Andy was a college dropout who trained as a Buddhist Monk for ten years and Rich was a marketing executive who needed help overcoming work-related anxieties. Andy began helping Rich, which led them both to quickly realize that there was an opportunity to share Andy’s meditative teachings on a broader scale to other busy individuals, like Rich. Originally designed to be an events company, HeadSpace grew quickly as attendees wanted to take Andy’s guided meditations with them wherever they went. Together, the founders raised $50k from family and friends to launch an initial online platform that users could use to access a number of teachings.


Today, more than 8 million people in 200 countries use HeadSpace which brings in more than $50M in revenue each year from 400k paying subscribers. The company has raised more than $75M over 4 funding rounds which have included support from many high-profile celebrities, including host Ryan Seacrest and actress Jessica Alba. Forbes estimates that HeadSpace is worth more than $250M today. Not bad for a meditation app!                                                             

(Source: Headspace)

When Two Is Better Than One

This Untold Business story teaches us to remain open to inviting others into our journey who can complement our talents and help add another dimension to the venture. Sometimes, it’s best to give up total control and let someone else share in the victories and losses that define entrepreneurship. It’s not often that incredible ideas are formed and executed by one individual. Many of the world’s most successful and impactful businesses were born out of beautiful, synergistic partnerships where two or more people with different perspectives and skill sets came together to devote their unique talents to a common cause. 

We know that building a business can be extremely stressful and isolating. Even if only for a few minutes each day, start meditating with HeadSpace today. With a clear mind and calm spirit, you will be able to tackle whatever the world throws at you!

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