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FINALLY a start-up that makes you want to eat your fruits & veggies while  keeping your wallet healthy & happy

Pears a “little” too pointy, carrots a “little” too crooked, apples a “little” too off-center, eggplants a “little” too curvy for the general public…the list of small imperfections that cause fruits & vegetables to be rejected from grocery stores goes on and on. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the saying don’t judge produce by its cover! Apparently not since 1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. never even make it off the farm because they don’t meet cosmetic standards…causing them to go to waste. Well, that is until Seattle based startup Imperfect Produce came onto the scene of this long-standing crime to solve it in a very unique way by bringing those almost-perfect items to consumers at a discount. Started two years ago by Co-Founders, Ben Simon & Ben Chesler, Imperfect Produce has already kept 7 million pounds of produce from going to waste while helping over 10,000 home cooks trim 30% to 50% off their fruit and vegetable bill.

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“It’s a NO-BRAINER – it all tastes the same and provides identical nutritional value.”

Imperfect Produce strives for balance with their subscription model, allowing customers to customize their box to eliminate the produce they don’t like. There is a wide range of boxes to choose from, starting at $11 for a small 8lb box and going up to $40 for 20 pounds of organic produce (plus a $5 delivery fee). Subscribers can also choose to get their box of assorted produce every week or opt for every other week if they’re not sure they’ll use everything. Regardless if every single fruit or veggie is consumed from every box, customers are still saving money buying the “rescued” produce sourced from 150 different farms. Imperfect Produce’s sustainable food delivery formula enables them to offer their customers big discounts while creating a new source of revenue for the farms that partner with them. You pay less for groceries, support farms, and reduce produce waste….a simultaneous win-win-win!  

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“We look at Imperfect as a movement and not just a company.”

As a wise man once said, “wholeness, not perfection,” a KEY maxim for life in general. Imperfect Produce embodies this ideal by trying to change the common perception of ugly produce and delivering it to your door. Some of the produce is definitely a “little funky looking”…but when you clean it, peel it, and dice it up there is no difference. Most of the fruits and vegetables sold by Imperfect aren’t even that bad looking,  they’re just being held up to unreasonable beauty standards. “Beauty” is only skin deep, especially when it comes to fruits and veggies that can be delicious no matter what they look like; however, Imperfect won’t sell bruised products or those of lesser quality shelf life than what’s found in the grocery store. During times in life where living a healthier life is becoming more important, getting ugly fruits & veggies delivered to your doorstep could help you reach your lifestyle goals. Not to mention, the fact that every box contains a recipe card that includes a profile of one of the farmers, along with ideas for how to use unusual items like parsnips and kohlrabi to expand your horizons in ways you did not think possible! If choosing the best looking produce is important to you, this service definitely isn’t right for you, but if you are looking for convenience and cost savings bundled in the form of a healthy box of produce then check out imperfectproduce.com to see if any of their selections peak your interest.

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There’s a brand new giant generation out there, the millennials, that deeply care about being stewards of the planet.

This Untold Business story goes to show that convenience can take many forms and niches once small can grow. In the case of Imperfect Produce’s value proposition, convenient food does not have to be fast food, it can be good for you, your wallet, and the planet. Food waste is now in the public eye and the maturing base of millennials to whom an issue like this matters is continuing to expand. Whether you are a millennial or not, stop wasting your time wandering through the aisles of supermarkets to sort through the endless piles of produce and start supporting healthier habits!

May 22, 2018| By Chaz Hermanowski – Untold Business Writer


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