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How Texas Entrepreneur made 100 million dollars in his first year of business…ROUTING PHONE CALLS

I DON’T CARE, IT DOESN’T MATTER, WHATEVERThree of the last things you would shout when naming your business, right? WRONG!

Let me introduce you to three very “well-unknown” companies which go by the names of I don’t care, It doesn’t matter, and Whatever that allowed Texan entrepreneur, Dennis Dee, to grab a piece of the Texas long distance call market when he started his carrier company called KT&T.

KT&T, do you mean AT&T? No, I don’t but Dee gravitated towards the similarity when registering his small long distance call carrier umbrella company which operates the three indifference based subsidiaries that charge a 65% premium compared to their homonymic competitor.

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These unconventional names this crafty entrepreneur established for his business are not just shots in the dark, but are actually rooted in statistics. From his research, Dee saw that 97% of people name a carrier when making a long distance call, BUT 3% don’t since they expect the same phone service no matter which carrier they use. With this baseless consumer belief in his back pocket, Dee was able to find a way into this small untapped piece of the Texas long distance calling market that has paid off in a BIG way.

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Many millennials have never had to take on the “archaic” task of making a long distance call via a payphone, but for those life veterans who have you know all too well the classic/inevitable question the operator on the other end proposes. “Which long-distance carrier would you like to use?” they ask as you are preparing your thoughts for the call at hand and not giving a single thought considering your carrier options. You may be an indecisive Gemini or it actually may not matter to you which carrier you use, so the words of indifference slip out “I don’t care, It doesn’t matter, Whatever”  and then just like that “ring-ring-ching-ching” one of the subsidiaries of KT&T routes your call, allowing them to cash in on your long distance communication.

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While admirers of his out of the box naming approach “call” these crafty business names ingenious, others call them deceptive. For example, salty critics of his naming tactic claim that it is unfair to allow consumers to be seemingly tricked into paying $7.64 for a three-minute call from Houston to Dallas when AT&T only charges $4.63 for the same call. However, Dee’s creative naming strategy does not break any Texas laws and if customers do happen to complain about the premium charge for their call, he quickly issues them a rebate. Additionally, his rate is not even the highest in the state and is justified by his overhead costs of running the business!

Dennis Dee believes this phenomenon does not just exist solely in Texas and is looking to expand operations to other states like California and Florida with his out of the box approach, working towards achieving a national presence and making countless millions in the process. Time will tell whether other states will be as accepting of his effective naming nomenclature.

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In all, this Untold Business story goes to show the name game isn’t black & white, leaving room for entrepreneurs to craft names for their companies that add value in ways that are not clear at first glance, but are beneficial and unbelievably profitable in their own unique way. Never feel confined by the name game, there are many ways to play and many ways to win you may not have considered till now!

April 10, 2018| By Chaz Hermanowski – Untold Business Writer


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