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Mugged Cake: The easy dessert that will save the day

The “Freshman Fifteen”, a classic part of college that many try to avoid, but when school picks up and the easiest thing to grab is a cup of noodle or Dominoes pizza, it can be hard to stay healthy. Or you are a busy parent balancing work and home life, but with all the errands it can be hard to find time in the day to cook for your family. Well, luckily there is an EASY fix that is GOOD for you:


Started by current Babson College student and entrepreneur Daniel Brassloff as a dorm room business, MuggedCake is quickly building a reputation and market share on campuses and in households alike. We interviewed this startup’s CEO to find out what made his product so different and why people were gravitating towards it so quickly!

CEO of MuggedCake Daniel Brassloff

(Source: MuggedCake)

Easy for you AND good for you.

What is a MuggedCake?

Well on a higher level “our product lets you make a cupcake in the microwave.” MuggedCake is SO much more than that though. It is the only product in the instant food market that “doesn’t sacrifice the quality of ingredients to create something that is easy to make”. You can simply put it in your microwave and with the press of a button, you have baked cupcake goodness in your hands that “fits into groups that are ALLERGEN FRIENDLY.” Currently, “we have nut free and gluten free options, but are working on making vegan options.

(Source: Mugged Cake)

Target student approved and tested!

Where did this “dorm room” idea come from?

Well for starters as freshmen in college,  “friends and I did not have options”. “People are out late at night and either they’re getting same Domino’s pizza they have had a million times, Chinese food, or gross easy mac packets.” Secondly,  “there were literally no late night options for dietary students.” Seeing these problem, Daniel and his friends went around for about 6 months experimenting with flavors, making all the recipes themselves through trial and error in a dorm room (with a quite a few exploded microwaves in the cost of the R&D) After sourcing a few companies that made quality dehydrated ingredients, they had the right supply chain on lock and were ready to start selling!

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Mugged Cake makes people’s lives easier!

What is Mugged Cake dramatic difference?

We are healthier than what’s out there, we won’t be the best thing for you,  but at least you know what you are eating and not looking at artificial chemical ingredients you can’t pronounce.”  We make it better than the CPG industry who has become stagnant in their options, who they target, and packaging over time.” For starters, our “packaging is completely biodegradable!”  We are going after the “conscious consumer” from students to adults. It’s been a balance between parents who want to make something for their kids but not put too much work in. Our product “makes people’s lives easier, giving them more time in their day to do whatever they need to do!”

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If you are busy studying for finals and remember someone’s birthday 10 minutes before, grab a Mugged Cake and nuke it in a microwave instead of going to buy a whole cake.

What is Mugged Cake’s plan to expand?

We have “received funding from the Babson Venture Accelerator Programthat has helped get MuggedCake off the ground quickly. We have also “leveraged the accelerator’s network of connections to get contracts with different vendors” to get our product on the shelves. Moving forward though, Mugged Cake wants to leverage the momentum they’ve built and implement guerilla marketing tactics like a “back to school plan”, providing free care packages to incoming freshman. Mugged Cake also wants to get to the point where they can “take recommendations for customers” to scale their product line where the “best submission gets put on the market.

(Source: MuggedCake)

Get on your wife’s GOOD side.

This Untold story goes to show that an underserved market can be right in front of you just waiting for the right product to come into their life. It also shows how the best ideas can originate on college campuses in a dorm room setting with a few “hungry” minds coming together on a college campus in an innovative way.

MuggedCake has only been open for business for about a year and is continuing to expand to other campuses. If you want to give MuggedCake a try yourself or see them on the shelf of your college snack area, check out their site and reach out. Stop sacrificing healthy for easy!

Chris Frucci- Babson Class of 2019 | Untold Business Contributor

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