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Missing The Sun? This Company Brings It To YOU

Working in rooms that have no direct access to sunlight isn’t fun. At first, you may not have a problem being tucked away in the deep interiors of a building where artificial lighting buzzes quietly above. However, over time, the buzzing grows louder and becomes more and more distracting. Eventually, you can’t even hear yourself think. Next, your skin starts to miss the warmth of the sun and you feel increasingly disconnected from the outside world. Before long, you resent going to work and spend a few hours each day browsing for job openings at summer camps! Fortunately, an Australian inventor developed the Solatube – an ingenious solution for interior lighting that is now distributed all throughout the US.

Founded in 2009 by Michael and Susan Shea, NYC Daylighting is one of the leading distributors of energy-efficient, affordable Solatubes in homes and businesses that would otherwise have limited access to natural sunlight. The company played an important role in supporting Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts in its hometown and continues to grow at a healthy rate with the increasing popularity of its core technology.          

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Directing Sunlight Via Reflective Tubes

NYC Daylighting’s primary product, the Solatube, is a tubular skylight with a highly reflective interior that guides natural sunlight from roof to room. The tubes can be installed in under two hours and require little follow-up maintenance once they are in place. NYC Daylighting offers two different Solatube models – the Solatube 160 Daylighting System and the longer and wider Solatube 290 Daylighting System for bigger rooms. Both are available for under $1000 and include dimming and ventilation capabilities. Additionally, both models can be fitted with nighttime kits that absorb sunlight during the day that can be released at night.

NYC Daylighting is a premier distributor of Solatubes in the US in addition to offering a wide array of other eco-friendly products, including Smart LED Systems and solar-powered attic fans that can suck heat out of interior rooms and reduce cooling costs. The company provides free on-site consultations and helps individuals find the right solutions for their unique needs.

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Walking On Sunshine

In 2009, Michael and Susan Shea founded NYC Daylighting in Rockaway, NY after Michael saw how valuable, affordable, and energy-efficient Solatube technology was. A few years later, Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast and wreaked havoc on the company’s hometown. Michael saw the devastation as an opportunity to educate the community on the benefits of Solatube lighting and reduced dependence on the power grid.

In 2014, NYC Daylighting entered the 2014 NYC RISE competition and went on to win grant funding to install Solatubes in 36 Rockaway businesses impacted by the hurricane. The company’s work helped local business owners get back online quicker than they would have otherwise and increased the resiliency of the community should future natural disasters hit the area again. Since then, the company has continued to grow and expand its reputation throughout the region as a leading distributor and installer of eco-friendly, energy-efficient lighting and cooling solutions.                                                               

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Turning Disaster Into Opportunity

This Untold story provides a great example of a company that turned crisis into opportunity. The Shea’s business was successful prior to Hurricane Sandy, but the natural disaster helped reveal another reason why Solutube technology can be valuable. NYC Daylighting played a big role in helping its community recover and has since been rewarded with growth and additional opportunity.

Being able to adapt well to changing environments and unexpected situations is a key attribute of successful entrepreneurs and business owners. Always be on the lookout for how your product or service may be able to respond to new challenges that arise in the external environment. This may unlock additional opportunities to showcase your value to the world! If you are in the Rockaway area, check out NYC Daylighting’s eco-friendly solutions here and get a free consultation scheduled today!


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