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PreDxion: This Company’s Innovation Could Save Half A Million Lives EVERY Year


Waiting for medical results to come back is very unnerving.


Most times, you are in this situation after being sick for a week and not finding any reprieve from over-the-counter remedies. On top of that, your doctor isn’t able to genuinely comfort you knowing that there is the possibility that something is very wrong.


You leave, go home, and wait. And wait. And stress…


Now imagine that the stakes are infinitely higher and the amount of time you wait for medical results to come back could be the difference between life and death.


You want those results immediately. And this is where PreDxion Bio comes in.

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Founded in 2016 by Michigan grads, Caroline Landau and Walker McHugh, Ann Arbor-based PreDxion Bio is a precision medicine diagnostics company that is poised to revolutionize critical care in the ICU and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year.


PreDxion Bio’s MicroKine tool is able to analyze blood results in acute care settings in just 30 minutes, thereby enabling doctors to act more quickly for their sickest patients.

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“Faster Results, Savings Lives”



Every year, nearly 4M people are admitted to the ICU with some form of immune dysfunction. Around 500k of these individuals die because it takes too long to determine exactly how best to care for them in their moment of need.


(Warning: incoming scientific jargon)


PreDxion Bio has developed the MicroKine diagnostic tool, a multiplex amino assay that can detect target proteins using reflective gold nanoparticles. With only a drop of blood, doctors can quantify more than six different cytokine proteins and gain insight into immune system response.


With this information, the care team is then able to tailor ICU treatments to specific patients, a level of precision medicine that hasn’t been possible in this setting until now. Overall, MicroKine cuts down the average diagnosis time more than 10x – down from 3 days to 30 minutes.


PreDxion Bio’s tool is still patent-pending but has already proven its potential – it helped save the life of a nine-year-old cancer patient!


Outside of the ICU, MicroKine could also be helpful in the ER where doctors need information on inflammatory biomarkers to treat issues such as trauma and burns.                                         

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Two Non-Doctors Making HUGE Ripples In Health Care


PreDxion Bio was founded by Michigan grads, Caroline Landau and Walker McHugh who leveraged Michigan’s student venture accelerator, a joint initiative of The Center for Entrepreneurship and the Zell Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies (ZLI) called TechArb. This out-of-the-classroom program empowers student ventures to bring their ideas to life through an intensive and structured entrepreneurial experience. In 2016, the two joined forces while Landau was pursuing her MBA and McHugh was pursuing his Master of Engineering.


Since then, the dynamic duo has impressed investors and accelerators all over the country which has helped fund the company’s growth.


In 2016, PreDxion Bio won the $25k Pryor-Hale Award for Best Business in the Michigan Business Challenge competition and won the $5k Williamson Award for most outstanding business and engineering team. The company then went on to receive $100k through the Rice Business Plan Competition, the world’s largest graduate student-level startup competition.


Last year, PreDxion Bio was accepted to the prestigious Y Combinator Summer Program and raised $120k in seed capital.


Today, the MicroKine tool is in clinical trials at UCSF, Mayo Clinic, and Mount Sinai hospitals.                     

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The Value of Saving Lives

Should PreDxion Bio successfully patent their product and get successfully through clinical trials, the company will fundamentally change real-time diagnostics in the hospital forever. Thousands of lives every year will be saved as a result of the MicroKine diagnostic tool which doctors can use to better care for their sickest patients.


This Untold story shows us how much value you can provide just by figuring out how to complete an existing process faster than how it’s done today. Even without professional medical training, the PreDxion Bio team was able to use their skills and expertise to make an impact in that space.


What expertise do you have that you could use to improve an existing process in any field? Answer this and you are starting to pursue a game-changing idea.


To keep up with the PreDxion Bio team, visit their website today and sign up to receive alerts. You are going to want to keep tabs on this company!


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