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The Company That Is LEADING The E-Bike Revolution

Today, many companies are working to develop affordable solutions for “last-mile” transportation. Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft changed commuting forever more than five years ago, and now electric scooters have brought about a second wave of innovation in the space. However, these options aren’t accessible to everyone and don’t include the added benefit of physical exercise. As a result, e-bikes are gaining popularity as a viable and cost-effective solution.

Founded in 2011 by e-bike enthusiast Chris Nolte, Brooklyn-based Propel is one of the leading distributors of pedal-assist electric bikes around the world. The company helps customers find the perfect high-quality bike and then ships products directly to homes nearly completely assembled. Nolte and team are deeply committed to transforming global, eco-friendly transportation and believe a future in which e-bikes are treated fairly under the law is a near-term reality.

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An Unparalleled Online Shopping Experience for E-Bikes

Propel matches customers with the highest-quality e-bikes on the market and promises an unparalleled shopping experience. The company has “matchmakers” standing by to help shoppers find their perfect bike, either remotely or in-person. Propel’s online catalog has over 350 different e-bike models, including bikes designed for urban commuting, leisurely riding, and young children. Prices range from $2000-$7,500 and cover 14 different manufacturer brands.

Propel can send bikes 70% assembled directly to customer homes, at no shipping cost, or send bikes 90% assembled for $150. All e-bikes come with two-year warranties, although Propel promises their products come with highly dependable pedal-assist functionality. Beyond e-bike distribution, the company also educates legislators on the value of e-bikes and strives to make them more policy friendly and accessible in urban areas around the world.                                                                    

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“This Is A Transportation Solution, A Key Part Of The Puzzle”

– Propel Founder, Chris Nolte

Propel was founded in 2011 by Chris Nolte who developed a passion for bicycles as a child. When he was younger, Nolte purchased 55 used bikes with the intention of fixing and upgrading each one for resale. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Nolte enlisted in the US Army Reserves and was sent to Iraq where he suffered a debilitating back injury. Upon his return, Nolte was unable to live an active lifestyle and, as a result, became interested in pedal-assisted, electric bicycles. “I wanted to become more active, found out about electric bikes,” says Nolte. “…[I] kind of built one up for myself. And I found it to be really interesting and really exciting.”

Nolte started Propel with a $20k loan in a part of Long Island where buses and trains were few and far between. Within three years, Propel sold $1M in e-bikes and was able to open up a new facility in Brooklyn. Today, the company distributes e-bikes all over the world and has since added a second location in Long Beach.                                                                           

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Propel…Joining The Stampede

This Untold story provides a great example of a company that jumped into the exciting last-mile transportation game with a differentiated offering. During a time when electric scooters are inundating cities, Propel is slowly gaining ground and converting commuters with its accessible and fun pedal-assist e-bikes. Nolte recognized early that electric bikes would have broad appeal and his company’s success has proved his intuition.When you see a trend or movement developing that you want to join, consider building a unique offering that may not yet be popularized. Rather than imitating the products leading the charge, create something that is totally different that still solves the same problems. Although you may not grow as quickly in the beginning, you are setting yourself up for long-term success and will stand out after the dust settles.

For those of you in the market for an e-bike, there is no better company to use than Propel!

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