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Raffle off your house and MAKE twice its value!

MOVING, a thing very few people actually enjoy doing…so why not just raffle off your house with all its belongings and walk away? An absurd thought, yes, BUT what if you could make more than the value of your property and still have money to spare to donate to your favorite charities. Well, Shamus Fitzsimons among other millionaires has stumbled upon this creative way of selling their millionaire estates via competition as a way to expand the pool of people that can actually afford to buy these extravagant properties while having some fun in the process. 

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What’s the catch: a CHEAP raffle ticket.

These estate raffles come out of a variety of reasons from the owners no longer wanting to pay the tax on the property to owners wanting to relocate closer to family to some owners just being sick of their mansion, Rolls Royce, and everything else that comes with it. The latter is the case with the Tiverton Estate in Devon, Scotland where an anonymous millionaire couple is not just raffling off their gorgeous English countryside mansion, but are also including all their furniture, a full wine cellar, $50,000 in cash, and strangely enough a supply of 600 spare light bulbs. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the housekeeper and landscaper that are already paid in full for a year to maintain the 17,000 sq ft house, ten-acre garden, and three-hole golf course. The sellers don’t want the “hassle of moving out”, deciding instead to just leave everything behind. The only things these mindful millionaires are taking with them are their clothes, a few personal items like family photos and of course a HUGE payday from the sale of 500,000 raffle tickets priced at $14. By the close of the competition come November 30, 2018, the raffle sales will amount to $7.3 million in profits while the estimated value of the prize rests at roughly $4.2 million (legal taxes included).

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Don’t like your chances of winning, just wait there’s more.

The nine runner-ups will receive a prize in the form of a payday of just under $14,000. Not to mention, $2.75 of each raffle ticket sold will go directly to charity, so even if you aren’t a winner your ticket is still doing good for others including the British Red Cross, the Make A Wish Foundation, and Help For Heroes.

Jason Suckley, CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, stated: “it’s difficult to imagine a more spectacular prize for the lucky winner.” There is one caveat though…if less than 500,000 are sold by the contest end date in November, an alternative prize equal to the total value of the tickets sold will be awarded instead of the house, but from the looks of things the “golden tickets” will have no issue being first sold out and then sought after.

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This Untold Business story just goes to show that selling your house and moving can be both fun and extremely profitable with the right approach. Who doesn’t love a good game of chance, right? If you want to throw your hat in the ring can you can enter the raffle via www.MillionaireMansion.co.uk.

Happy raffling friends, may the odds ever be in your favor!

May 16, 2018| By Chaz Hermanowski – Untold Business Writer

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