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Tablelist: The App that makes going out EASY

Going out never looked so good… or easy. For anyone who has been to a nightclub, you know that planning a night out can be hectic. At the best spots, club goers are forced to wait in ridiculously long lines and negotiate with slimy club promoters just to get inside a venue for the night. And even after doing this, partiers are often left dissatisfied with the course of their night out.


But now, thanks to an app called TableList, club goers no longer have to begin their night with the worry that it might not go well. With a click of a button, they can plan and fund their night ahead of time and without a specter of doubt. Northeastern University alumni, 24 year-old CEO Julian Jung was inspired to create TableList in his time abroad. Overseas, Jung first handedly experienced the pitfalls of nightlife and recognized that like him, many people’s experiences going out were a nightmare. With the hope to alleviate the tedious tasks involved in going out, Jung abandoned his Real Estate career and pursued a future in TableList instead.

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Northeastern’s IDEA Lab making ventures a reality


Jung continued to promote his idea even after being denied by plenty of investors, leveraging the resources on his campus including Northeastern’s IDEA Lab which is a student-led venture accelerator that fosters the development of entrepreneurs in the Northeastern community through the educational exeperience of developing a business from concept to launch. In hindsight, the young entrepreneur attributes his eventual success to his acceptance of complete failure and his continued effort to taking postive steps in the right direction using the IDEA mentorship resources at his disposal. He explains that this mentality allowed him to tread on, without fearing what might happen next. Since then, the company has attracted many investors, and actually stands as the main, online reservation platform.

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In short, TableList is a way for people to reserve their VIP club experiences– private tables, bottle service, and even access to famous DJs– before actually getting to the venue. On the app, TableList begins by first presenting an option of 23 big cities. After the user chooses which of these they are interested in, they are displayed with a variety of venues and events in that particular city. The user continues to navigate the site by getting even more specific with their dream night. After choosing their desired venue, they are given basic information about the venue (the busiest nights, dress code, and age requirement), and more importantly, given different table packages to purchase. This is revolutionary because here, club goers are given a sense of transparency in pricing and availability that never existed before TableList. After making their online reservation, the user is expected to do nothing but skip to the front of the line and…PARTY! How awesome is that?

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“Our partnership with Yelp will open up a world of possibilities to connect people searching for unique nightlife experiences at the best venues, instantly…We’re honored to be the first company in this vertical on the Yelp Platform. It’s a big leap towards our goal of simplifying the nightlife booking experience for all.”

– Tablelist Founder Julian Yung

Although currently, TableList is used mostly by wealthy club goers (accustomed to spending up to 30k a night), Yung is passionate in making TableList more accessible to all kinds of people. He does not deny that the company has had much success with its niche approach, collecting an impressive $1.5 million in revenue annually and processing $600k in transactions in just the course of one month, but he intends on addressing the “table only elitism” of his app. Presumably, his partnership with Yelp and other big investors, will play an invaluable role in TableList’s growth in future projects. Specifically, Jung wants to expand his customer base by adding smaller features, like lumping, and just making the VIP experience more affordable in general. This way, TableList can be useful for anyone who likes to party!

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The Untold story highlights the fact that persistence and creativity are necessary in starting a successful business especially one that solves a problem many in our modern day face on a “weekend basis“. Jung’s creation of TableList, and his growing vision for it since its launch in 2013, goes to show that a business never has to be ‘finished.’ It is always important to be particular with your target group, but it never hurts to let new ideas push a company’s boundaries. As Jung exemplifies, it important to have an inner fire that motivates you to fully potentialize your company, even if it begins to take a form that was unexpected at first. Thanks to Jung and his team’s creativity, TableList will be an asset for club goers (regardless of their bank accounts), making going out a smooth ride for everyone. If you are looking for a fun night out that will be unforgettable check out Tabelist’s app here!

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