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Need a mental tune-up?

Welcome to the world of brain optimization!

Have you ever considered someone poking around in your mind to give it a checkup to transform you into the best possible version of yourself? Sound like Science fiction…well it’s not!


Just like acupuncture’s effect on one’s body, scientists have found a way to affect one’s mind in a similar way with 19 electrons and neurological tweaks to achieve neuroenhancement. The masterminds of this reality Dr. Hasan Asif and Devon White, calls this initiative Field.


“Most of us don’t have control over our brains—until now,”- Co-Founder Devon White


The Field is a neuroenhancement company dedicated to the transformation of the way the brain is used with personalized and cutting-edge technology neurotechnology. The company is taking the realm of consciousness hacking to a new level, pioneering its footings in our culture with wellness experts seeing value in the new mindset of neuro improvement.

Field’s client goals are personalized on an individual basis. After figuring out the brain’s current and ideal states, they design an enhancement process and begin using neuromodulation tech to give access to high functioning states of mind and make them an everyday reality.

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According to the founders of Field, a center devoted to “brain optimization” that will open in New York City this winter, it only takes 19 electrodes and some neurological tweaks to get there

Field takes shape as a kind of gym for the brain, pairing technology and methodology with behavioral and performance design processes. It is a system of mental training that goes far beyond simple wellness, pushing the boundaries of neuroenhancement with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS).

Check out how it’s done and how much it costs!


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“We’re not changing you into somebody else; we’re finding out who you are fundamentally.”



Want to become a better version of yourself?

The customer experience at Field is entirely personalized to do just that. The process begins by creating a comprehensive model of you at your best as well as a comprehensive understanding of your desired goals from the Field experience. This multi-dimensional assessment of who you are is complete with psychodynamic history, performance analysis, hormone and gene panels, and a qEEG reading of your brain.


Field’s menu of optimization options further guides and direct the enhancement process. Options range from stress reduction to learning acceleration, improved executive functioning, increased sex drive, greater creativity, enhanced personal power, heightened awareness, expanded sense of self, improved transpersonal communication, and more


To achieve these desired goals  Members spend a minimum of six weeks fine-tuning their brains with two weekly sessions. The treatment involves a cloth cap peppered with electrodes utilizing transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), which is a magnetic burst into the brain, and depending on who the person is and what they want, that is going to guide where the bursts are placed. This same technology has been approved to treat disorders like PTSD, anxiety and medication-resistant depression. It is the same technology that powers MRI machines, but here it’s channeled into specific sections of the brain to affect activity.

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Mental Wellness and Technology at the 2017 Summit, says:

“The only difference between wellness practices like meditation and what we do is the technological tools we use and the speed at which you can get results. Our goal is to give members a way to enhance their brain functions through personalized treatments that take into account every aspect of their being (psychodynamics, genes, brain activity, desires, and goals) to help them work on whatever they want to change.”


The Field goal is not just fixing what’s broken,  it is also about optimizing high performance, wellness and satisfaction in a personalized way, to help people have the lives they really want, both in terms of their own satisfaction and as well as their ability to perform at the greatest capacity they can.


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Optimization is only the start.

The process and tech now dialed in, Field is ready to introduce TMS to the market, well the part of the market that is affluent enough to afford it! With its first location opening up in Manhattan in 2018, the location will take shape as a “luxury cognition center” (think clinic, spa, lab hybrid mix) that will be a private members’ club, offering the pinnacle of mental well being to clients and vetting applicants on a range of criteria from financials to who they are as individuals in society seeking to cultivate “elite minds.”

“As much as possible we tend towards people who in some way or another are contributing towards a more successful tomorrow for everyone.” “After that, it’s about people we like and who we think are doing good things for the world, and we want to optimize people who are going to make the world a better place” says Mr. White.

In addition to the upcoming physical location in NYC, the company is planning a 10-day intensive that combines neurological treatments with networking, bodywork, and meditation at a cost of $25,000 for the experience. Too expensive you say? Well, think again! After an article in The Washington Post last year, Field was booked with more appointments than they could handle. With three clinics in two countries and neuropsychiatrists from around the world reaching out to the founders to teach them the methodology, the company is BUSY.  

The Field already has plans in place to spread their service to other wellness spas in order to increase their market share.  The eventual goal is to scale in a huge way to make this type of mental wellness accessible for everyone, not just the financial elite. Field could eventually be operating in elderly residences to treat chronic pain, with successfully treated cases from PTSD to schizophrenia already achieved. Regardless of how quickly it is made accessible to the public as a whole, Field is actively changing the frontier of brain optimization and how we think about the brain.

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“Field is really an approach to wellness that starts in the most obvious place, which is the interface for all other aspects of ourselves: the brain.”

This Untold story highlights that industries that seem often slow to change can be filled with an overwhelming surplus of business opportunities, especially ones that improve one’s quality of life. With the accelerated pace of change in wellness and technology, it won’t be long before “consciousness hacking” gyms become very mainstream.

But that future is NOW, as an increasing number of neurostimulation devices hit the market. With a combination of neurotechnology and new age methodology, Field’s founders are at the head of the curve of brain optimization at the new frontier of wellness. If you are looking for a little mental tune-up, check out Field’s offering at their site Experience The Field and see if it’s for you!

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