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Think BIG, Think BOLD, Think BOARD

Forgetfulness…a persistent problem in life; especially, when it comes to business. The modern world we live in has become SO fast paced there are always SO many ideas to capture, SO many meetings to remember, SO many other little things that are essential to not forget. Gone were the days of having to scribble notes on your hand or carrying a bulky day planner around once helpful apps were developed that made it easier to remember things, but they still had a hard time offering something of great importance: IMAGINATION! Let me introduce you to the brainchild of then Babson college student and Founder Hanson Grant, that gives people a platform to express endless ideas: Think Board

Launched originally on Kickstarter in 2015 (with a new Kickstarter just launched for an updated product), Hanson developed a clear whiteboard film that can easily adhere to any flat surface to be removed and reused, giving people the ability for the first time to write and draw wherever they like without creating any lasting damage to their apartment, school, or office walls. They concept clearly appealed to many with Grant hitting his $10,000 Kickstarter goal within 29 days of launching the campaign. The pleasantly surprised CEO commented, “We launched mainly to gain interest and ended up receiving far more interest and publicity than expected.”  NBC News quickly heard and covered the story, bringing in 200 orders in less than 24 hours through a basic website Grant had set up just to have an online presence not expecting his dorm room product to literally take off overnight!

 A year later, Grant put his product on Amazon with high hopes of keeping the momentum going. Think Board quickly rose to the top five in multiple categories as customers gravitated towards all of its possibilities that are continuing to be improved upon.


(Source: Think Board)

“Everybody needs a Think Board and can use it in their own unique way.”

-Think Board CEO Hanson Grant

In the past year, Think Board spent six months and a lot of its working capital on R&D to develop a more versatile film that could affix to any smooth surface. Their goal to enhance the product’s flexibility and control to impress even their biggest critics while making it more affordable to promote creative thought and action among all students. Once Grant had the new & improved prototype ready to ship, he decided to first offer it for FREE to customers who had been disappointed with the original version; the perfect way to appease them while also testing the new version in the real world.

Even with reviews on the new versatile model receiving mountains of praise, Think Board includes a 100-day money-back guarantee for every product. They also ask their customers for feedback to serve two key purposes: diverting people from leaving bad reviews online and helping Think Board refine & develop new products. They listened to their customers, especially the unhappy ones and paid off.

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Think Boards promotes Thought Pollution.

With over 1,600 Think Boards already sold and being used daily in the world, the company’s core goals are being brought to life from giving college students a place to get their ideas out to giving elementary students a platform to learn to write and do math problems, saving both ends of the academic spectrum paper, money, and time! Think Board’s next goal of focus is giving developing countries access to their revolutionary product to promote entrepreneurship and creativity in less fortunate countries.

They hope that with enough support they will be able to donate hundreds of Think Boards to those who cannot afford a whiteboard providing a needed thinking space for endless possibilities.


(Source: Kickstarter)

He finally built a product that stuck.

This Untold story goes to show that it pays to empower people with ways to be creative. Imagination is underrated, take every opportunity to tap into yours because just like Hanson Grant you will be surprised by what you come up with. If you think this product is for you, check out ThinkBoard.com or find them on Amazon AND always remember to Think Bold with your new Think Board!

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