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Workpop….because the process of finding a job should be fun!

So you submitted a job application a few weeks ago but haven’t heard anything back yet…


Does that mean it’s a no? Maybe they haven’t seen it yet? Did my application even go through?


This is a stressful and all-too-common experience that leaves job seekers with little feedback and hope, especially in the service industry where recruiting and hiring lags a few years behind the rest of the world.


Fortunately, Santa Monica-based Workpop addresses this problem for hourly job seekers as well as helps small companies fill workforce gaps much more quickly and efficiently.


Launched in September 2014 by co-founders Chris Ovitz and Reed Shaffner, Workpop has grown extremely fast due to its easy-to-use, transparent, and comfortable platform that claims it makes finding a job FUN. Now that’s a BIG promise.

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“Every person in a job they love”

-Workpop’s vision


Workpop’s platform has two primary users, job posters and job seekers.


Job posters tend to be smaller, service industry companies that see a lot of employee turnover and spend way too much time filling gaps in their labor.


Workpop will help these companies recruit by distributing job postings across appropriate job boards and social media, as well as giving them access to a massive network of qualified candidates. Using artificial intelligence, the company ensures that employer budgets are optimized by only posting where the job will source the highest quality candidates available. Additionally, Workpop’s algorithms will set competitive bids on job boards based on millions of data inputs to ensure their clients are attractive employers for job seekers.


On the platform, Workpop also allows employers to create branded career pages, customize applications, and onboard new hires with all of the necessary legal support once the right hire is found.


Workpop offers a free 10-day trial before clients commit to $49 per month per location for the basic offering.


Job seekers on the Workpop platform benefit tremendously from the transparency required of employers and the messaging capability that is designed to make applying for jobs on mobile devices extremely easy.


Hourly job seekers can upload and reuse resumes so that they can quickly apply to a large number of job postings that fit their qualifications. In searching for the right positions, they are able to filter for jobs that fit their schedules and are located in preferred geographic areas.


Most importantly, these individuals will get feedback when they are denied by employers and are able to see how quickly an employer tends to respond to applications so that they are not left in the dark after shooting off an application.


“We empower hourly workers to find jobs that fit their schedule, needs, and interests says Founder Chris Ovitz.


“We also ensure they get a response from employers – we make sure everyone hears back.”


Finally, job seekers are able to upload a video cover letter to introduce themselves to potential employers and create a more personal connection with those on the other side of the platform. This helps individuals showcase their personality behind their resume and explain their skills and interest in a far more engaging manner.

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“Workpop is creating a tool that has empathy for people who have traditionally been sidelined and ignored”

– Biz Stone, Workpop board member

Workpop’s co-founders, Chris Ovitz and Reed Shaffner, met while working at Scopely, a mobile game developer. At the time, Shaffner was the head of product development and Ovitz ran business development.


The two powerhouses came together as Co-CEOs and decided to create a platform that would better serve the more than 76M people who work hourly positions in the U.S. today. Although a huge segment of the population, this group has been overlooked by networking sites and job boards like LinkedIn and Monster that typically cater more to full-time salaried job seekers.


Workpop launched in September 2014 with $7M in Series A funding from Trinity Ventures and quickly expanded throughout Southern California.


Since then, millions of job seekers and 10k+ companies have connected over the platform all across the U.S. Burger King, Embassy Suites, and Jersey Mike’s are just a few of the national companies who use Workpop alongside smaller, local businesses.


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Bringing Job Seekers and Employers Together

Even in the crowded recruiting space where new technology-based solutions are cropping up every day, Workpop has created a differentiated experience for users on both sides of talent recruitment.


For employers, Workpop can quickly source high-quality candidates which is so important in high-turnover service sectors.


For job seekers, the company has provided something that finally addresses their needs with an easy-to-use, helpful platform that is built to thrive in a world ruled by mobile devices.


This Untold story highlights another great example of a company that identified an underserved segment and used technology to enhance the user experience for all stakeholders.


Remember, you can increase the power of your value proposition simply by narrowing your target customer base. Rather than expanding your offering, hone in on a more specific sub-group and put them at the center of your universe. Do that and they will love you and sing your praises forever!

September 10, 2018- Chris Fruci – Untold Business Writer

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